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Healthy Fried Rice

Although this may come as a surprise to many of you, there are days when I don’t feel like cooking. Days when I’m tired or I still have a lot to do after dinner, the thought of taking a lot of time and energy to put a dish together just doesn’t sound enticing at all.  I often have this feeling after a day of hiking or skiing. And that’s how I felt recently upon returning from the mountains having put in a full, hard day of playing on the slopes.

On those nights, if I don’t have frozen soup on hand, recipes like this one are a blessing. This dish is quick, filling, adaptable and healthful.  And, since it’s chock full of veggies, protein and healthy carbs, you can serve it as a stand-alone dish without having to think about sides.

The recipe comes from the New York Times “Recipes for Health” Section. Like the majority of my recipes, I have made this one my own, and I strongly encourage you to do the same. Add shrimp in place of the tofu or some lightly toasted slivers of nori (seaweed)–delish. Switch out the veggies for what you have on hand. Try making it with soba or rice noodles (just scramble most of the egg mixture separately and add the remainder with the noodles–then toss it all together).

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Obsessed, Ed. 6 “Farm-Fresh Eggs”

I used to think my brother was crazy.

Years ago when his roommate decided to raise chickens in the backyard of their Boulder, CO rental house…and he allowed it… I may have chuckled to friends at what I saw as an absurd… and possibly disastrous endeavor.

But, that was then, and over the years my position on “urban-farming” including chicken raising has evolved. And I’m not the only one. As many people search for alternatives to buying commercial eggs that are perhaps kinder to the animals providing our food, cities across the US are now allowing urban dwellers to have chickens, and in the case of Denver, you can also keep goats in your backyard.

I would say that I am envious of my brother at this point. He has since moved back to the midwest, but he and his girlfriend continue to raise hens for their eggs. I recently talked to him about his adventures in all things poultry and below you will find tips from him and his girlfriend about their experiences thus far in chicken-rearing.

But, for the time being at least, keeping pet chickens is not possible for me so the info provided below is just that…information. If you are in my boat, but would still like to find an alternative to buying eggs at the supermarket trucked in from large company farms across the US, don’t fret. At the bottom of this post, I’ll provide you with a few alternative ways to locate and buy (or perhaps barter) farm fresh eggs from local, backyard “suppliers”.

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Mayo-Free Crab Cakes

I love crab cakes. But I hate feeling guilty about eating them so I only order them occasionally when I’m out. Traditionally mayo, butter and white bread fill these little patties dulling their nutrition profile along with their flavor.

Not only is this adaptation of traditional crab cakes nearly mayonnaise free, but the crab cakes are also baked rather than the traditional preparation of pan frying that only adds to the fat count.

The result? Crispy, light crab cakes with loads of crab and red pepper flavor that go perfectly with poached eggs and asparagus for a quick “benedict-style” breakfast.

You could also serve these on a whole grain bun with mustard for a lunch or in mini form as an appetizer. For a different twist, try using the crab cake mixture to stuff cremini mushroom caps and bake, then serve as party appetizers. Anyway you prepare these, you can feel good about serving them to family members and guests knowing that indulging doesn’t have to mean unhealthy food!

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