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Obsessed, Ed 7. “SodaStream”

I admit it– I have a vice.

Okay, okay, so I probably have more than one, but the one that feels the most unhealthy is my diet coke “addiction”.

English: Diet Coke Products

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I enjoy it so much that, aside from one year in college, I haven’t even tried support groups or diet coke cessation programs.

…at least not yet.

But, as I become more focused on natural foods and a whole food approach to eating, this habit seems like a glaring contradiction to the rest of my lifestyle, especially as researchers are finding more possible concerns to be aware of with diet soda

So, I found a new obsession…

Soda Stream

Soda Stream (Photo credit: shareski)

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Obsessed, Ed. 6 “Farm-Fresh Eggs”

I used to think my brother was crazy.

Years ago when his roommate decided to raise chickens in the backyard of their Boulder, CO rental house…and he allowed it… I may have chuckled to friends at what I saw as an absurd… and possibly disastrous endeavor.

But, that was then, and over the years my position on “urban-farming” including chicken raising has evolved. And I’m not the only one. As many people search for alternatives to buying commercial eggs that are perhaps kinder to the animals providing our food, cities across the US are now allowing urban dwellers to have chickens, and in the case of Denver, you can also keep goats in your backyard.

I would say that I am envious of my brother at this point. He has since moved back to the midwest, but he and his girlfriend continue to raise hens for their eggs. I recently talked to him about his adventures in all things poultry and below you will find tips from him and his girlfriend about their experiences thus far in chicken-rearing.

But, for the time being at least, keeping pet chickens is not possible for me so the info provided below is just that…information. If you are in my boat, but would still like to find an alternative to buying eggs at the supermarket trucked in from large company farms across the US, don’t fret. At the bottom of this post, I’ll provide you with a few alternative ways to locate and buy (or perhaps barter) farm fresh eggs from local, backyard “suppliers”.

2012-09-30 10.47.54

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Obsessed, Ed. 4 “Chia Seeds”

Until this year, I was under the impression that chia seeds main benefit was their ability to grow funny hair on ceramic 80’s figures such as elephants…

…or Mr T.

I have since learned that my assumption couldn’t be further from the truth!

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Obsessed, Ed. 3 “The Essential Kitchen Gadget”

I am a city Dweller… And I love it.

But, along with the many convenient shops (perhaps too convenient), the plethora of great restaurants and micro breweries, and the ability to walk or bike many places, comes the cost of living in a city.

Usually, you pay for the convenience by giving up some space.  My house (and especially my kitchen) are no different.  My kitchen is very small, but I don’t mind this for the most part.  But, it does change how I cook.  It forces me to evaluate what gadgets, tools and appliances are “essential” or at least which ones save me enough time and offer enough convenience to make them worth the space sacrifice.

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Obsessed, Ed. 2 “Vegetarian Blogger Extrodinaire”

Although I enjoy creating my own dishes, I am no different from most home cooks in that I often come home, look in the fridge and think, “I have no idea what to cook tonight”. I wish that I was one of those people who could look at 5 ingredients and a few spices and come up with an awe-inspiring, amazingly tasty dinner…and I think that comes with practice… so I’m working on it.

But, until I hone that talent, I’m fortunate to have an arsenal of go-to sources for amazing vegetarian recipes. One of those sources is a blog  my sister-in-law shared with me over a year ago which I’ve been following religiously ever since.

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Obsessed, Ed. 1 “All Spiced Up”

From time to time I will feature a product, store, another blog, etc. that I am passionate about.  If you have something that you are passionate about/obsessed with, I would love to hear about it.  Please share it with me and you might see it featured in a future edition of “Obsessed”.

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