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Obsessed, Ed 7. “SodaStream”

I admit it– I have a vice.

Okay, okay, so I probably have more than one, but the one that feels the most unhealthy is my diet coke “addiction”.

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I enjoy it so much that, aside from one year in college, I haven’t even tried support groups or diet coke cessation programs.

…at least not yet.

But, as I become more focused on natural foods and a whole food approach to eating, this habit seems like a glaring contradiction to the rest of my lifestyle, especially as researchers are finding more possible concerns to be aware of with diet soda

So, I found a new obsession…

Soda Stream

Soda Stream (Photo credit: shareski)

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Un-Fussy Polenta

Polenta (the Italian version of corn grits), is a versatile grain which can be eaten plain, but it’s also the base for many recipes.  If you have tried it soft, you might have been won over by its creamy consistency, but you can also grill, saute or bake with it creating a satisfyingly delicious crunchy crust on the outside.

You may have noticed prepared polenta in the grocery store next to the pastas in a sausage style tube. But the dry polenta can usually be found in the bulk grain section or the flour section of your grocery store (it might be labeled as coarsely ground corn meal).

Many people don’t make their own polenta and opt instead for the prepared version because they are under the assumption that it is time-consuming, but with these easy cooking instructions, you can prepare it at home with only a few minutes of hands-on prep time….I promise.

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Tofu two ways

Perhaps you’ve never cooked with tofu before and you look at the square white mass in the carton and can’t figure out the best way to prepare it.

…Or maybe you’ve cooked with tofu, but are looking for more tasty, easy ways to use it.

I love tofu not only because it’s a delicious, healthy, plant-based protein, but also because it’s so versatile. Even if you are not a strict vegetarian, adding tofu to your diet can help you diversify your protein sources.

The following two preparation methods start out the same and can be used in many different dishes (Did I mention that I love tofu’s versatility?). So go ahead and experiment and feel free to post your dish suggestions in the comments section.

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How To Poach an Egg

Poaching eggs is one of those things that can intimidate people, but it’s an easy way to prepare eggs without adding fat.  It has the added bonus, in my book at least, of creating a creamy consistency and richness to eggs that is hard to replicate with other preparation methods.

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How To Dice a Mango

For people who have never bought fresh, whole mangoes, peeling and dicing one can be a messy affair.

But, it doesn’t have to be!  In just a few simple steps, you can quickly cut a mango with very little mess.

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