About Me

     Hi, my name is Maureen and I live in beautiful Denver, Colorado.  When I’m not outside enjoying one of the many activities we Denverites are known for, you can find me in my kitchen cooking, baking and basically creating with food. I am not a trained chef. In fact, I consider myself to be a perpetual student who is constantly learning more about ingredients and cooking techniques.

     I am passionate about food.  More specifically, I am passionate about preparing healthy meals using whole foods, fresh ingredients and about making them taste great– healthy eating is not about feeling deprived.  I do break my own rules once in a while and bake unhealthy, delicious baked goods for special occasions and I also dabble with cake decorating so I will share my baking adventures with you also.  Oh yeah, I’m also a vegetarian so aside from a few fish dishes, you won’t find any meat recipes on my site.  I promise that you won’t miss it (okay, I can’t really promise that, but hopefully you will find these meals satisfying even without the steak, chicken, etc).

     As much as I love cooking, I love it even more when I’m preparing meals for people and sharing my creations.  Since I’m single and sometimes that means I get to devour all evidence of a recipe on my own, I am here sharing my recipes, ideas and kitchen tips with you.

     My hope is that, in reading my blog, you will find some useful tips in my posts and that you will be inspired by my recipes to kick your shoes off, put your apron on and create some delicious, healthy vegetarian meals in your own kitchen.

Happy Cooking,


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