Obsessed, Ed 7. “SodaStream”

I admit it– I have a vice.

Okay, okay, so I probably have more than one, but the one that feels the most unhealthy is my diet coke “addiction”.

English: Diet Coke Products

(Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I enjoy it so much that, aside from one year in college, I haven’t even tried support groups or diet coke cessation programs.

…at least not yet.

But, as I become more focused on natural foods and a whole food approach to eating, this habit seems like a glaring contradiction to the rest of my lifestyle, especially as researchers are finding more possible concerns to be aware of with diet soda

So, I found a new obsession…

Soda Stream

Soda Stream (Photo credit: shareski)

Soda Stream Addiction Acquisition Program

Okay, so that title is a little silly, but Soda Stream has helped me to significantly decrease my “DC” intake while still enjoying the carbonation bubbles that I’ve grown to love.

English: Macro photograph of coca-cola bubbles...

Macro photograph of coca-cola bubbles. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This amazing machine was a thoughtful gift from my parents after they discovered this kitchen gadget from a friend and it has been wonderful.

It’s helped almost everyone in my family lower their intake of commercial sodas by opting instead for freshly carbonated water from the Soda Stream. It now holds a prominent place on my kitchen counter (and counter space is very precious to me).

The Soda Stream is so quick and easy. I store my soda stream specific bottles in the fridge already filled with brita-filtered tap water. That way, I’m ready for carbonated water at a moments notice. Simply screw the bottle onto the machine and a few seconds pump of the carbonator turns your plain tap water into homemade soda water!

Soda stream

Soda stream (Photo credit: kathrynlinge)

At this point, you have a few options:

  • enjoy the water plain–delicious
  • add one of Soda Stream’s soda flavors (they carry an array of diet–without aspartame– and regular)
  • add a splash of juice for a spritzer
  • spice it up with lemon, lime
  • or even cucumber slices (my favorite)
  • use the soda water in your favorite cocktail



Anyway you serve this water, it’s still more cost-effective than buying soda and more eco-friendly too. After all, you are lowering the number of plastic bottles/aluminum cans you bring into the house causing less waste while also saving the gas and carbon footprint required to produce diet coke, bottle it, ship it to your store and get it to your house.

And, as long as you aren’t adding lots of sugar and alcohol to it every time you consume it, Soda Stream is better for your health than commercial sodas!

One last reason to jump on the Soda Stream bandwagon (if you really need another reason): it has household uses aside from making refreshing beverages: ehow and Reader’s Digest suggest multiple household uses for club soda.


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