And another year begins…

With the holiday season finally behind us, things are slowly, but surely returning to normal.  I am excited to find what new opportunities and challenges 2013 holds, but right now, I’m even more excited to get some blogging in!

I’m not one to make new year’s resolutions other than to try to live my life better than I did last year.  I do, however, embrace to do lists and I’ve already started mine for this year.  Two of items on my current list pertain to my blog.

1) I aim to log at least 100 entries on modern kitchen maven in the coming year.

2) I am planning to run a half or full marathon this year– any race suggestions greatly appreciated (leave them in the comments section).

Okay, so the second item isn’t directly food related, but as I train for a race, making sure I’m eating healthy, nutrient rich food to fuel my runs will be essential and I’m excited to share some of those recipes here.

As always, I’m also open to suggestions so whether it’s something you’ve tried at a restaurant and want me to recreate it or you need ideas for a dinner party or birthday dessert, please don’t hesitate to send me requests. I will do my best to oblige.

I hope the recipes I post here and my love for healthy food helps to inspire your cooking this coming year.

HAPPY 2013!


2 Comments to “And another year begins…”

  1. I had a cauliflower bread pudding entree at Topolobampo last night that was incredible but I am afraid to know what was in it to make it taste so delicious. A “healthy version” recreation would be fantastic. Best of luck with your running goals!

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