Obsessed, Ed. 5 “Vitamix Amazement”

Vitamix “Blender”

I don’t even know where to begin with this post, but hopefully my frenzied, excitement over this appliance will show through in my writing and win you over…

The Vitamix is labeled by the manufacturer as a “high-performance  blender”.

But it’s so much more than that!

Underneath its utilitarian-looking, simple, some would even say rough, exterior is an amazing piece of equipment coveted by chefs world-wide.

It’s a kitchen workhorse that, although not as shiny and pretty as its competitors, is great at almost every task you throw at it!

  • smoothie
  • hummus
  • homemade baby food
  • soup (blended AND heated)
  • nut butters (e.g. almond butter)
  • non-dairy milks
  • frozen desserts
  • flours made from the whole grains like rice flour or oat flour

Check, check and check.  All of these tasks (and many more) are a breeze for the Vitamix.

How does the Vitamix perform so well at all these tasks, you may ask, while the $50 blender you bought for making frozen margaritas in college fails so miserably at most of the jobs listed above?  They look similar, right? Well sadly, for your pocketbook at least, they are very different!

The simple, boxy exterior of the Vitamix hides amazing engineering and first class construction which allows not only for the “blender” to excel at many kitchen tasks, but to continue to do so for years on end in a commercial kitchen which translates to decades when used by the home cook!


Under the “Hood”

  • The blades are made of hardened stainless-steel to stand up to a variety of foods and to ensure that they last for years.
  • Although the containers may look like your standard blender, they have been specially engineered to “efficiently rotate ingredients”.
  • Vitamix has a full product line of blenders to choose from, but even their most basic model has a 2 hp motor.  It’s the speed created by this motor, not a heating element, which allows for you to heat soup while it blends to that velvety smooth consistency you thought you could only get at restaurants! Be aware that this heat generated by the motor could work against you when making something frozen like banana gelato so take care not to over-mix these recipes.
  • Although the Vitamix blenders are very dependable, there is always a possibility with appliances that something could go wrong. And it’s nice to know that, if something does break, all of their blenders come with one of the best warranties in the industry (with the option of buying a 5-7 year extended warranty).

*There is only one downside that I have found to this appliance and that’s the price– the basic model starts at over $300.  This makes it a little less accessible to those of us on a budget, but if you are an avid home cook who is trying to cook with as many healthful, whole foods as possible (like I am), this little machine is worth putting on your wish list or saving up for– it’s an investment that will quickly pay itself off with the time it saves you and with the praise you will receive from family and friends because of the delicious foods you make for them using a “simple blender”.

You can shop for the Vitamix at the manufacturer’s website where they list the differences of all the available models. Plus, they sometimes offer specials or discounts on refurbished machines.


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