Obsessed, Ed. 3 “The Essential Kitchen Gadget”

I am a city Dweller… And I love it.

But, along with the many convenient shops (perhaps too convenient), the plethora of great restaurants and micro breweries, and the ability to walk or bike many places, comes the cost of living in a city.

Usually, you pay for the convenience by giving up some space.  My house (and especially my kitchen) are no different.  My kitchen is very small, but I don’t mind this for the most part.  But, it does change how I cook.  It forces me to evaluate what gadgets, tools and appliances are “essential” or at least which ones save me enough time and offer enough convenience to make them worth the space sacrifice.

That leads me to my number one appliance/gadget that is definitely worth the sacrifice… my immersion blender.  Sometimes I wonder how I ever survived without one!?!  And, although, it was evidently possible, after knowing its worth, I cannot go back!

This small, Handheld appliance, takes the time and mess out of so many jobs.  Below is a sample of the jobs I have found it ideal for:

  • Blend smoothies in the morning
  • Easily puree soups in the pan, eliminating the process of letting it cool and then pureeing it in batches in a traditional blender
  • Make a quick hummus or bean dip
  • Turn bananas into mash to add to baked goods
  • Puree steamed veggies for a quick alternative to store-bought baby food
  • Mix batters when your mixer is unavailable

The immersion blender not only makes these tasks much quicker and easier, it also cleans easily (the blade detaches from the motor and can go through your dishwasher).  And, the Kitchen Aid model–by far my favorite–retails for around $30.

If you find yourself streamlining your kitchen, I strongly suggest that the immersion blender makes the cut!


One Comment to “Obsessed, Ed. 3 “The Essential Kitchen Gadget””

  1. I alway buy kitchen gadgets that are made in usa and branded by a known manufacturer. I used to buy chinese made products but they fail miserably. ‘;*;”

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