Obsessed, Ed. 2 “Vegetarian Blogger Extrodinaire”

Although I enjoy creating my own dishes, I am no different from most home cooks in that I often come home, look in the fridge and think, “I have no idea what to cook tonight”. I wish that I was one of those people who could look at 5 ingredients and a few spices and come up with an awe-inspiring, amazingly tasty dinner…and I think that comes with practice… so I’m working on it.

But, until I hone that talent, I’m fortunate to have an arsenal of go-to sources for amazing vegetarian recipes. One of those sources is a blog  my sister-in-law shared with me over a year ago which I’ve been following religiously ever since.

www.101cookbooks.com is in my top 5 for places to find ideas and recipes.

Heidi Swanson, 101 cookbook’s author is more than a food blogger.  She’s also photographer and a print cookbook author.  Her site is beautiful with inspirational photographs of her dishes as well as pictures of her travels and the things around her.

I have loved nearly every recipe I’ve tried from Heidi’s site, but my favorite recipe of hers thus far is her matchstick pasta.  I do own one of her print cookbooks, but I find myself browsing her blog more that the paperback book.

I also truly appreciate how organized her site is making navigating it and finding what you want quick and painless.  You can search by term, cuisine, ingredient or course to locate relevant recipes.  In fact, I use her site as a template of how to organize my blog to make the experience as easy for my visitors as possible (feel free to let me know how I’m doing).

Heidi’s enthusiasm for cooking, travel and her ability to share her passions with her “followers” inspires me.  She has taken her passions and created a career which allows her to further explore the things and places that she enjoys.  With the help of her blog’s popularity Heidi has been featured on numerous TV shows, and one of her cookbooks was a 2007 James Beard nominee for cookbook of the year in the “healthy focus” section– an amazing feat!

My hope in sharing my love for this blog is that if you have a moment to browse Heidi’s site, you also find some inspiration, whether it be from the food, traveling or photography that she shares.



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