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Lunchtime Mango-Red Pepper Salad

Spring has definitely sprung in Colorado. Wait, that feels like a lie… really we’ve skipped over spring and are diving head first into summer!

As the heat settles in the flowers bloom, my body switches from craving soups and hearty casseroles to wanting lighter fare like salads and sandwiches.

This mango salad goes perfectly with this new weather. It’s a little sweet and a little “citrussy” while the jalapeno adds a bit of a zing. And, after eating an entire bowl of this salad, you’ll still be up for a post-lunch run. I suggest doubling this salad because you WILL want leftovers. If you add a few more jalapeno peppers and make the dice of the ingredients smaller, this salad lends itself easily to becoming a mango salsa to pair with chips or as a topper for fish (fresh off the grill, of course).

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Indian Spiced Salmon with “Tree-of-Life” Cauliflower

This recipe combines so much of what I love. The heat of the Indian spices are kept in check with the yogurt.  The simple sweetness of the cauliflower works well with the richness of the fish.  In my opinion, this dish is what all good healthy meals aspire to be.  It’s also easy and gorgeous to boot!

I might be a self-professed spice wimp, but I do love spiciness.  I know, that sounds like an impossibility, but just hear me out.  Although my spice tolerance is low, I love food that (to my palate) is spicy.  That said, I also really enjoy Indian food and it is definitely a cuisine that helps me push my heat limit.  When I go out for Indian food, I often order raita, a yogurt based sauce, to help squelch the heat a little.  This recipe has the yogurt cooked in which not only serves the purpose of mellowing out the heat rating a bit, but also keeping the fish moist while baking.

Start this meal in the morning and you will only have to throw everything in the oven before dinner.

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