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Ganache Peanut Butter Cookie Tart “healthified”

As we are officially in Valentine’s Day season, it seems like love is in the air..

Or maybe it’s just Chocolate I’ve been smelling.  The two are pretty much one-in-the-same in my opinion.

Either way, as we get closer to this holiday, as someone with a strong chocolate addiction, it seems more difficult to curb my sweet tooth with a mere chocolate chip or two.

A friend recently asked me what my idea was of a perfect dessert which got me thinking…

it would be something that combined both rich, dark chocolate AND peanut butter.

It was that initial question and my gnawing need for something sinfully rich and indulgent that led me to put this recipe together.  Although I felt the need to indulge, I didn’t want to feel too guilty about it so I altered the recipes I used to make them a bit healthi-er.

Whether you make this for your valentine, or for yourself, for a special dinner party, or for a weekday afternoon snack, I hope it hits the spot for those self-diagnosed (but non-recovering) chocolate addicts out there.

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Cocoa-Infused Three Bean Chili

I might not be a sports fan, but this year I will celebrate the big game the same way as millions of football fans…

With a big bowl of steaming chili topped with diced avocado and a dollop of Greek yogurt!

Before those of you who know me gasp at the thought of me cheering on the Giants and Patriots, let me explain.  This year the super bowl happened to coincide with a big snowstorm in Denver.

SNOW + Super Bowl= Great excuse for a good pot of Chili

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