How To Poach an Egg

Poaching eggs is one of those things that can intimidate people, but it’s an easy way to prepare eggs without adding fat.  It has the added bonus, in my book at least, of creating a creamy consistency and richness to eggs that is hard to replicate with other preparation methods.

8 Quick steps to Poaching Eggs

1.  Fill a medium-sized saucepan with water halfway to the top.

2.  Add a generous amount of salt to the water (1/2-1 T).

3.  Cover Saucepan and heat over high heat until water is at a full simmer.

4.  Uncover pan and turn heat down to medium-high.  Crack an egg (it’s easiest if you crack it into measuring cup and then pour it into the pan) and GENTLY slide it into the water.  Repeat with additional eggs carefully placing them in different spots in the sauce pan.  Notice that at first the egg whites spread out, but as the eggs cook, they will pull back together.

5.  The water should stop simmering as you add the egg– don’t worry.  Continue cooking the egg for 1 minute (usually the time it takes for the water to return to a simmer).

6.  After 1 minute, cover the pan and turn off the heat.  Let the egg continue to cook for 3-5 minutes (the time will differ depending on your altitude and how firm you like the yolk to be).

7.  To test the egg’s level of “doneness”, simply remove the lid and, using a slotted spoon, CAREFULLY lift each egg out of the water.  Press on the yolk to test for desired hardness.  If the egg is not quite done, gently return it to the pan, cover it and wait another minute.

8.  Remove poached egg from saucepan with slotted spoon to drain excess water and transfer to a plate.  Serve with freshly ground pepper.


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