How To Dice a Mango

For people who have never bought fresh, whole mangoes, peeling and dicing one can be a messy affair.

But, it doesn’t have to be!  In just a few simple steps, you can quickly cut a mango with very little mess.

1.  Select a ripe mango. You want the mango to be free of brown spots, with smooth skin and it should give easily to the touch (a little softer than a ripe peach).

2.  Set the mango on a cutting board with the stem side up and the narrower side of the fruit facing you.

3.  Using a chef’s knife or a santouku knife, make a cut straight down the fruit on one side about a 1/2″ from the stem.

4.  Turn the fruit 180° and make an identical cut on the opposite side.

5. Turn the fruit so one of the cut sides faces you and cut from the stem to the bottom of the fruit trying to stay close to the nut.  Discard the nut.

6.  Place the cut pieces on the cutting board, fruit side up. Score each half  in a grid pattern all the way through the flesh while keeping the skin in tact.  Adjust the grid size to how large you want the dice to be.

7.  Cut the scored mango in half again and, holding the knife parallel to the cutting board, slice the mango flesh from the skin staying as close to the skin as possible.

8. Repeat with remaining pieces of mango.


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